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Because the evidence is clear. Older people in Extra Care accommodation stay healthier, spend less time in hospital and maintain their independence

Extra Care Housing is designed with the changing needs of older people in mind. Not only is the built environment designed carefully so too are the services available on site.  People who live in Extra Care Housing have their own self contained homes, their own front doors and a legal right to occupy the property. In addition, someone is on site to help 24 hours every day.

Extra Care Housing has been marketed under different names by different companies. For example, it also known as very sheltered housing, assisted living or simply as ' housing with care'. It comes in many built forms, including blocks of flats, bungalow estates and retirement villages. It is a popular choice among older people because, for many, it provides an alternative to a care home.

In addition to the communal facilities often found in conventional sheltered housing (residents' lounge, guest suite, laundry), Extra Care developments will include a restaurant or dining room and there will be a meal available every day. There may also be  health & fitness facilities, hobby rooms and computer rooms. Domestic support and personal care are available, usually provided by on-site staff. Properties can be rented, owned or part owned/part rented but Oak Retirement Ltd intends to concentrate on providing property for leasehold ownership.

Because this type of accommodation has been marketed under numerous names, the Department of Health has used the term ' Extra Care ' as its standard terminology. The Department is a strong supporter of this type of retirement living because it is better for people and better for the State.


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Extra Care delivers better financial outcomes

To see how much it could save the public purse click the button below and read the Frontier Economics report commissioned by the HCA.

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