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Independent living... with flexible services that adapt to your needs.
Oak Retirement Ltd is a new company delivering high quality, leasehold, Extra Care property for older people

Oak Retirement manage and develop leasehold, Extra Care property for older people, set up by Dr Stephen Ladyman. At Oak Retirement we believe that older people want to maintain their independence for as long as possible. In the properties that we will manage and develop in the years ahead they will be able to.

Every property will be designed to offer a home for life and follow the ' extra care' model supported by the Department for Health with services on-site that adapt to the needs of Owners as the years progress.

Purpose built Extra Care properties

Extra Care housing by Oak Retirement combines purpose-built and ergonomically designed housing for older people, with onsite flexible care, that adapts to each owner's changing needs. It will allow people to maintain their independence for longer and, because they own the property they live in, to protect their equity.

In the months to come we will use this website to show you our exciting developments and tell you how to buy one of our retirement properties.  

To find out more about an Oak Retirement scheme that is already open go to www.honeybournegate.co.uk . To find out more about a scheme nearing completion go to www.friarymeadow.co.uk

The leasehold, Extra Care market is growing fast, and we intend to grow with it. So, if you are an investor or a contractor and interested in working with us then follow  the ‘Working with Us’ link above to find out more.

About Our Founder

Stephen Ladyman PhD

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Stephen is a former Minister for Health with responsibility for Social Care. While in that office he promoted the Extra Care model for retirement living and it continues to be promoted by the current Government. After leaving Parliament he acted for two years as Chief Executive of Retirement Security Ltd., a company that manages the largest estate of private extra care accommodation in the UK.

Stephen is also the current Chairman of the Retirement Housing Group, a leading trade group representing companies that develop retirement property.